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Nabila, Owner of Nabila Ardhani Studio

With each page on Nabila’s website, she sculpts a different story about pottery making — one more compelling than the next.

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Nabila Ardhani Studio
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Mural Artist
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Naked Inc.

Home-based pottery studio owner Nabila Ardhani uses Sitebeat to promote her pottery workshops and sell her creations online.

I want to tell a story about the ceramic-making process, so others can appreciate my handcrafts, and also drop in for a workshop.

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With a video header, Nabila draws visitors into the tranquillity of crafting pottery.
No words needed. Everyone feels drawn to experience her workshops.


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Nabila sculpted her website out of one creative template in our library – creating a design and visitor experience that’s as unique as her pottery.

nabila Q&A

Nabila's Story

Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m Nabila, owner of Nabila Ardhani Studio. I run a home-based pottery studio and create hand-made ceramics such as tableware and vases.

What’s the story behind Nabila Ardhani Studio?

My passion for pottery was sparked by my Mom, who introduced me to it when I was little.

With her support, I started my own home-based ceramics studio in August 2017. I was making ceramic handcrafts and running workshops from there! All these, while still teaching about pottery full-time at an art school.

Why is it important for you, and others in creative industries like yourself, to have a website?

I want my website to showcase my ceramic products, and help people understand and appreciate the story behind pottery-making. This, I feel, is what every artist wants – to help people understand their art.

Also, having a website helps me create awareness about these workshops that I’m running – so more people can know we’re open for business!

What are some of your favourite Sitebeat features?

I really like the drag and drop function. No matter how I resize things or move them around, Sitebeat automatically adjusts the layout to look right. It never looks messy.

What are your future plans for Nabila Ardhani Studio?

I would like to do this full time. And I hope to move to a bigger studio, so I can have a gallery to showcase my creations. And of course, more space to run workshops.

Explore Nabila’s studio at
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