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Expanding from brick-and-mortar to online shop, Kiana leads the new generation to live a zero-waste lifestyle with Naked Inc.


Naked Inc.


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Sitebeat is helping Kiana spread awareness about sustainable living with Naked Inc., Jakarta’s first zero-waste shop.

My website helps me reach [eco-friendly] customers across Indonesia, even if they’ve never visited my store.

SitebeatPRO eCommerce (We Build)

Your custom online shop ⁠— made by the PROs

Kiana’s entrusted our SitebeatPRO team to design an online shop for her. She now delights new customers across Jakarta and beyond with no extra effort.

Indonesian Support Team

Better customer experience through localisation

Worry-free and confident, Kiana leaves website maintenance and updates to our local pro team as she focuses on her business.

Kiana's Story

What’s your name and what do you do for a living?

My name is Kiana. I’m the founder of Naked Inc., the first zero-waste shop in Jakarta that helps people live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

How did you start Naked Inc.?

I was concerned about the environment and plastic waste but when I tried to find eco-friendly products, it was so hard to find any here in Jakarta – so I started my own shop.

What is your biggest challenge as a social entrepreneur?

I have two main challenges.

One is educating people that plastic waste is a real problem.

And the second one is that not everyone can come into my physical store, and I don’t want them to miss out on trying and buying my products.

How is your website helping your social movement create a plastic-free world?

People all over Indonesia can buy my products, even if they never visit my shop. And my website is also the place for me to share tips on living the zero-waste lifestyle!

Where do you see Naked Inc in the future?

Well, my dream is to have 20 Naked Inc. stores, so I can reach more people to take care of the environment.


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