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Abuse Policy

Table of Contents

Sitebeat Abuse Policy

Sitebeat maintains a significant focus on minimizing and mitigating the level of abuse that is generated on our servers. Abuse can involve and affect a number of items but our core focus is on maintaining a high level of service, safety and reliability with both our own services and those that affect the operation of the internet in general.

Whilst we maintain a significant level of monitoring, we can’t watch everything. This is where we need your help in reporting to us anything which you believe has come from the Sitebeat network.

Please report all abuse by emailing us at [email protected].

Please include as much information as possible regarding the type and nature of the abuse you have encountered. Please be sure to provide any applicable log files, URLs (for site abuse) and email headers (for spam).

Once we have received your email, our team will investigate the report thoroughly, contact any relevant customers and work to resolve the issue as efficiently as possible.

Reporting port scanning, attempted hacking, and firewall activity

For reports regarding port scanning, attempted hacking and firewall activity please include:

  • Relevant unedited firewall logs (or excerpts of), including the time, date and time zone.
  • Your URL
  • Your web server log
  • IP address
  • Date & Timestamp
  • Any applicable details regarding the misuse that has taken place

Reporting email/newsgroup/spam abuse

For reports regarding email, newsgroup or any spam related abuse, please include:

  • The full header of the email(s) or message(s)
  • The content of the relevant email(s) or message(s)

The above allow us to trace the path of the offending material to easily identify the source of the abuse.

Reporting virus activity

For reports regarding virus or malware activity please include:

  • The header of the email (if available)
  • The content of the email (if available)
  • The email attachment you received (if available)

Please note: If you have received or been infected by a virus, worm, trojan or malware, we are cannot offer any support to help rectify your systems. As per typical internet standard, we highly recommend you install and maintain an up to date anti-virus software on your device.

Reporting web space abuse

For reports regarding abuse regarding web space hosted by Sitebeat, please include:

  • The URL (such as www.sitebeat.com).
  • The time and date that you noticed the infringement.
  • Details of how you came to view the material.
  • A precise description of why you believe the material to be in breach of policy.

Abuse Report Handling Process

Sitebeat will endeavor to handle all abuse reports in a comprehensive and efficient manner. Naturally we are often subject to restrictions that can range from client response time to taking necessary actions on the affected servers, we anticipate your patience with regards to such matters. Below is the expected process for which an abuse complaint is handled.

  1. Abuse Report is received to [email protected]
    Domains team number: +61 8 9422 0821
  2. Assigned team receives the report and investigates or escalates the report depending on the nature of the report
  3. If immediate action is applicable our team applies necessary actions to mitigate or eliminate the report. Otherwise, our team communicates with the owner of the offending service or material. This can include necessary advice, a takedown notice or a simple request for clarification
  4. Once we have received satisfactory feedback or taken necessary action regarding the abuse report we will communicate a summary to the sender of the abuse report
  5. Once all parties are satisfied with the outcome the abuse complaint will be closed

In accordance with industry standards and practices, we report illegal activity to respective governing bodies or authorities. We also work with all appropriate bodies to ensure images of child abuse are removed from our servers and reported as quickly as possible. Please note, by registering a product or service with us you agree to be bound by all Sitebeat’ terms and conditions.