5 Reason to Add Video on Your Website

5 Reasons to Add Video on Your Website

Marketers are increasingly using videos to promote their products and services. They use videos for all sorts of communication from landing pages, websites to email, social media, and more. Videos are a great way to build lasting relationships between a brand and its potential consumer.

Ever since brands began experimenting with visual content, it’s consistently managed to prove its value within digital marketing. In particular, integrating videos within your website is a great way to increase user engagement, sales, and other valuable metrics.

Here are 5 rock-solid reasons for you to invest in video marketing now!

Why You Should be Adding Video to Your Website

1. It’s an engaging way to share your story

Storytelling is one of the tried and tested ways to make a positive impact on your audience and boost your business. Videos help you to tell your story in a way that resonates with the majority of your audience.

72% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service. So, why limit yourself to huge walls of text when no one’s going to read them?

A fantastic example is Heschung’s brand website. The brand has incorporated the elements of interactive videos and animations to communicate their origins artistically, creating an intriguing experience for its visitors.

95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain video spend in 2020 and if you belong to the remaining 5% then now’s the time to hop on the video bandwagon.

2. It helps expand your social reach

Getting free positive publicity through social shares is every marketer’s dream.

Whether it’s a cute cat video that can cheer someone up or a strong video message for a cause—if you have something that tells a story, entertains or educates someone, people are likely to share it.

Have a look at the Silo Ridge Field Club website, and observe how it instantly engages you. The higher the quality of the video (both content and resolution wise), the likely you’re going to get higher social media engagements.

Pro tip: Branded short links can help you further amplify your social reach. For example, instead of sharing bit.ly/BB4ftr, share something like househelp.site/gardeningtips. New domain extensions such as .site, .online, .space, .tech, and .store help you better brand your links making them more relevant and increase click through rate up to 39%.

3. It helps get a better ranking on Google search

Google gives better ranking to sites that users like. A key part of optimizing your website and marketing campaigns for search is to focus on providing value to the user. Your search rankings improve when they give you a thumbs up.

A lot of brands use videos to engage and educate their audience. 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website. Look at Red Bull’s website. The brand incorporates a large amount of video-based content on its website allowing the visitor to remain engaged and spend time on its site.

Similarly, when you have a look at other major brands such as Honda, you’ll notice that videos are one of the key mediums the brand uses to communicate a message.

Another important factor to consider is “dwell time”. This is the total time viewers spend on a web page. So, the longer time a visitor spends on your website, the higher your dwell time. Videos help you achieve that!

4. It helps increase your conversion rates

Conversion rate is one of the most sought-after metric by almost all businesses.

Videos, particularly ones that explain your product can help you achieve your conversion goals. In fact, estimates show that using video on landing pages could potentially increase conversion by up to 86%.

When Dropbox incorporated its first explainer video on its homepage, it grew its beta waiting list from 5,000 to 75,000 overnight. The addition of a video caused thousands of additional visitors to sign up for their services, resulting in incredible growth.

Explainer videos work well because they eliminate the consumer’s need to think. It takes the guesswork out of the “how would I use this product” and shows the visitor what they can expect before they assume anything about it.

These kinds of videos are particularly useful if you’re setting up an online store.

5. It helps build an association with your brand

Another way to leverage a video’s power to tell a story is to communicate your brand values.

For example, Ben and Jerry’s about page doesn’t just tell a story through text but shows it through the power of visuals and sound. This is a particularly great way to promote a brand, especially when the video does such a good job of highlighting the brand’s missions, values, and social awareness.

This type of video marketing helps convey a message that invokes an emotional response in the viewer. This could very well be accomplished through a heartfelt story, as much as a humorous one.

Unleash the power of video for your website

You’d be hard-pressed to find a seasoned marketer who didn’t believe in the power of video on websites. Most will agree that it is a fantastic tool to reel in more visitors and keep them engaged for longer periods than the average site. With increased ROIs, engagement, social reach, branding and conversion rates, video-based websites promise a world of possibilities to startup and small businesses.

The question is, are you going to be one of them?


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