Stunning Art Portfolio Layouts

13 Stunning Art Portfolio Ideas to Inspire Your Own

Today, a portfolio is a creative’s best marketing tool. It’s the first thing potential clients look for when considering you for a gig.

So don’t throw away your shot. Showcase your art in the best, on-point online portfolio clients can’t resist.

Still unsure how to approach your site? Let these 13 art portfolios inspire and stir your creative juice. (Plus, learn how you can recreate their styles using Sitebeat!)

13 Art Portfolio Inspos to Kick Off Your Own Website

Marleigh Culver

Image courtesy of Marleigh Culver

Brooklyn-based Marleigh Culver keeps it simple. You can say her portfolio takes on the minimalist approach, but her works are nothing but bland. She uses a soft grey background that lets her art do the talking.

As you scroll down, you’ll find her most recent projects. We love that they are asymmetrically placed! It gives the eye a break from uniform formats.

Follow Culver’s lead if you’re into a clean, minimalist design. You can adjust grids to create an asymmetrical gallery with Sitebeat.


Image courtesy of Nolbert

Pawel Nolbert’s portfolio is a “colour experience” you can’t dare miss.

He takes on the sleek minimal layout. The catch is — his art is the total opposite.

The colour-artist-slash-image-maker creates a spectacle of a portfolio. When you land on his site, you’ll see a carousel of his rich artworks.

Scroll down further and you’ll find an array of his biggest projects. See how he incorporates a visual fiesta to the most mundane products — such as smartphones, keyboards, and whisky!

If you want an image carousel just like Nolbert’s, drag and drop the slider option through the Sitebeat Editor — et voilà!

Stefano Colferai

Image courtesy of Stefano Colferai

Now here’s art you’ll recognise anywhere. Stefano Colferai uses plasticine to model characters and create illustrations. His works remind us of stop motion animations that were all the rage in our childhood.

It’s not surprising that he chooses a simple yet pleasing layout to showcase his projects. Colferai’s art simply captures attention and brings out the kid in us.

Click on one of the images and explore how he does each of his work!

Nathalie Lete

Image courtesy of Nathalie Lete

Nathalie Lété takes “a personal touch” to the next level. See how on-point her cosy online space is. Her portfolio looks like it just got out of a Parisian dream!

The homepage is basically the website’s menu, but what stands out are the beautiful, painted illustrations as its icons.

Plus, the handwritten typeface and the sketchpad background make everything as personal as it gets. (Remember when love letters still existed?)

If you’re into the fine arts, Lété’s portfolio is one layout worth taking a shot.

The Alien Perspective

Image courtesy of The Alien Perspective

The Alien Perspective greets you with a cryptic line art illustration. Enter and you’ll delve more into the artist’s expansive work.

The parallax scrolling adds depth to her series of projects — which ranges from street art to “silly” drawings. It gives the site a subtle three-dimensional touch that pleases the eyes.

Mathilde de Serra

Image courtesy of Mathilde de Serra

Mat Serra flaunts her projects the moment you land on her online space. You only need to scroll down to check out her individual works.

Serra’s portfolio is packed into a single page — which is all the rage right now. We love how we don’t need to wait for a new page to load.

But what makes the website unique are the ethereal hues and illustrations that represent each of her projects. Plus, the smooth scrolling makes the entire experience seamless.

There’s also a convenient navigation menu on the upper right corner of the page. Use it to view her commendable works in an easy list format.

Abbey Sy

Image courtesy of Abbey Sy

Traditional multi-page layouts still have their charm. Take it from artist/author/hand-lettering ninja Abbey Sy.

Her portfolio is simple — a top menu for her works, blog, contact info, and a homepage that lets you know exactly where to go.

Sy introduces herself and what she does upfront. So there’s no way you’ll get lost trying to figure out her line of work.

That’s one trick you’ll want to consider when building your own portfolio. After all, you don’t want potential clients to second-guess whether or not you’re the right man for the job.

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Thomas Schostok

Image courtesy of Thomas Schostok

Thomas Schostok greets his visitors with a cryptic VHS tape screen that instantly sets the mood for his artworks.

When you check out his works, you’ll find the entire page brimming with typography, collage, and mixed media art. The placement — and Schostok’s art itself — gives off an edgy street aesthetic that reels people in.

If you’re tired of the simple, clean format, forget grids and overlap design elements. Schostok’s portfolio shows you how it’s done.

Verena Michelitschi

Image courtesy of Verena Michelitschi

Who says your website needs white space? Art director Verena Michelitschi proves us otherwise.

Her entire homepage is filled with full-sized images that link to her projects.

When you click on one, the site will take you to another page with an equally overwhelming stack of images that showcases her work. If there is any copy, they’re in teeny tiny font you’d barely notice.

It’s safe to say Michelitschi’s believes in the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. Honestly, we’re not complaining!

With Sitebeat, you can get rid of all breaks like VM does. Otherwise, you can use the Space or Panel features to separate your page elements.

Tim Lahan

Tim Lahan lays out all his works on his homepage, so you get a wide-angle view of his art style. Lahan’s is a convenient layout that shows potential clients what he brings to the table at first glance.

Plus, the foolproof top menu makes it easy to navigate through his art, projects, books, contacts, and online shop.

Thinking of selling your art too? Sitebeat comes with an efficient ecommerce option that lets you set up an online store on your website.

Maxim Shkret

Image courtesy of Maxim Shkret

Maxim Shkret’s portfolio uses animation to elevate the user experience: from digital to physical.

Shkret believes that the imagination should be free from any bounds and constraints. And we say he’s done a great job proving his point!

The digital designer/art director creates digital models — mostly of animals — and breathes life into them through 3D printing.

You can buy digital shots of his sculptures on his website. The best thing is you can move the 3D image around to get the exact angle you like.

Adrian and Gidi

Image courtesy of Adrian & Gidi

Playful but refined — this is how the duo Adrian Woods and Gidi van Maarseveen describes their work. And that’s what we’re getting when we land on their portfolio.

The homepage shows a motion art video of blooming flowers. That alone makes us giddy to explore what’s inside.

As you click on the video or scroll down, you’ll see a fantastic display of their projects and collaborations. Each image links to an individual project page.

If you’re an animator or a film enthusiast, you can display one of your works on your homepage to show off your art — and invite potential customers in.

It’s easy to add a video using Sitebeat. Just drag and drop the Video feature and paste the video URL.

Wade Jeffree

Image courtesy of Wade Jeffree

Wade Jeffree doesn’t believe in overloading prints and colours. For a start, his portfolio greets you with a moving background of colourful geometric patterns.

If that’s not eye-catching enough, Jeffree showcases his series of projects — that are of the same nature — as you scroll down. Talk about loud, eclectic, and “music to the eyes.”

The homepage alone shows you Jeffree’s quirky side. But his About page just seals the deal!

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Go get that bread

A portfolio is a must-have for any creative. Skip one and you’re losing on exposure and profit — which your art doesn’t deserve!

Make that first step of flaunting your work and building your online identity. Learn how Sitebeat can help.


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