How to Make Your Business Buzz-Worthy with Customer Testimonials

Make Your Business Buzz-Worthy with Customer Testimonials

The power of customer testimonials is undeniable. In an age where almost everything’s a Google search away, customers rely more than ever on online reviews to decide if a product or service is worth purchasing.

Online customer testimonials are the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing. Around 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Why are Customer Testimonials Important?

Customer testimonials are trusted by buyers in the B2B and B2C markets than any other type of content.

When you ask testimonials from your customers, you make them feel valued.

This leads them to have a positive attitude towards your brand. And if they feel good about your company, they’re most likely tell others about their experience. Your customer can be your very own salesperson!

There are customers who are wary about spending their money on an expensive service. Others also remain unconvinced about the benefits of a product.

Customer testimonials allow them to see how a product or service has worked for someone else. This gives you the chance to turn a tough sell to a paying customer.

You can increase conversion rates by as much as 270% by displaying reviews. The likelihood of consumers patronising your business also increases by 68%.

How to Choose the Right Customer Testimonials for Your Business

As great as all this sounds — not all customer testimonials are equal. You have to pick the right ones that resonate with your business.

Here are a few tips and tricks to guide you through the process.

Start by scouring your social media accounts, customer emails, or blog comments. Check if any of your customers left good feedback on these platforms.

Not sure where to start? Take note of these tips:

  • Send customers a short survey to get feedback about your brand
  • Ask permission to use their photo or quote them on your website
  • Use free online survey tools including Google Forms, Survey Money, and Polldaddy

Steer clear of one-liners. Also, don’t go for lengthy but vague reviews with no explanation given for the positive rating.

Choose ones that go into detail why they prefer your product, or how it helped them achieve business goals.

Fake testimonials are a form of deceptive advertising. Businesses who use it may end up paying hefty fines.

Don’t risk your reputation.

Ask questions that approach the story from the customer journey from the moment they sign up to when they hit their goals.

Consider reverse testimonials

Instead of starting with praise, begin with how the customer initially felt doubt or skepticism.

Slowly transition to the product or service features that have addressed their pain points. Then, end with a positive note by showing how your business helped them.

Create a bigger emotional impact with a video testimonial

Video testimonials show off the “human side” of your brand. Give your viewers context of the customer’s background by including location shots and a short interview.

Highlight key business challenges the customer grappled with, and tie these with product or service features which helped them conquer these challenges.

How do you invite customers to be part of a video case study?

Not all customers are comfortable being on camera. So it all comes down to perfect timing.

Time your request immediately after providing good service to them.

Once the client agrees to the shoot, make it hassle-free for them by taking the lead. Plan out the story arc, then determine the time and location for the shoot. Help them feel comfortable on camera by letting them know the questions in advance.

It’s also a good idea to get their legal team involved so you’re on the same page on what the video will and will not cover.

Buyer personas give businesses a clear picture of their ideal customers, such as the issues they face and their decision-making process

To resonate with your target audience, customers giving their testimonial should represent your buyer personas. This way, prospects who fit these personas relate to them.

Add Customer Testimonials to Your Website

Displaying testimonials on your website lets your brand speaks for itself. It establishes credibility and trust among prospects.

Draw attention to your testimonials by positioning them on your homepage, a separate landing page, or below the product description.

Follow these steps to build your very own testimonials section on your Sitebeat website.

  1. Start building your website by choosing one of the many templates available in various categories.

  1. Choose from a multi-page or single-page layout, then click on the Create This Site button.

  1. On the Site Editor page, click on Build.

  1. Click on the Blocks menu, then scroll down to the Testimonials tab.

  1. Choose from one of the many testimonial formats available then drag and drop it to your layout.

  1. Select the text you want to edit to open the text editor tool. Use it to format text, insert links or block quotes, create a list, or change the font size, type, or color.

  1. Click on the Edit icon to customise how your text box will appear.

  1. You can apply a photo or a colour for a background, or add design elements like borders, radii, or shadows.

  1. Click on the placeholder photo to access the photo editor. This tool allows you to replace an existing photo, crop an image, or insert a link to it.

  1. Click on the Advanced tab. Access more options like applying overlays, putting alternative text or captions, or enlarging the picture when a user clicks on it.

  1. On the right-hand side of your layout, you can also access tools for editing website blocks, including the testimonial block. It has five main menu options:
    1. Layout
      • Allows you to change the columns from one to six
      • Lets you align all boxes in the block vertically
    2. Background
      • Lets you add and customise a photo, video, slider, or map as a background
    3. Move – Conveniently move blocks around from one place in the web page to another
    4. Duplicate – Make a copy of an entire block with just one click.
    5. Delete – Lets you delete an entire block

  1. Use the Preview tab check how the testimonials block looks before making the changes go live.

  1. Apply the changes to your website by clicking on the Publish button.


Customer testimonials are an inexpensive but powerful way to build your brand. Make sure to update your testimonials along the way. When possible, create an accompanying case study to show off measurable results.


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