4 Things You Can Do When Your Ideal Domain Is Taken

You’ve finally set your eyes on a particular domain name — only to find out it’s taken! Can anything be more frustrating?

But hey, you’re not alone. A lot of people go through the same dilemma, and we mean A LOT. With 148.3 million .com and .net registrations alone this year, the competition can’t get any tighter.

But don’t give up just yet. You might still have a shot at getting your ideal domain name.

In this article, you’ll learn backup solutions when the domain you want is taken.

The Domain I Want is Taken — Now What?

1. Check if the domain is for sale

Sometimes, people buy domains to sell them. Head to websites like Sedo.com to see if the domain you want is up for sale. If it is, purchase it immediately before anyone else does.

If it isn’t available, look up the owner’s contact details on Whois.com — the global domain lookup database. Then, try to contact them and negotiate. Or you can hire a professional domain broker to do the negotiating for you.

Some owners don’t readily give up a domain, especially when they’re using it for the longest time. But you never know. They may be planning to rebrand and change their domain. You can’t throw away that shot!

2. Give your domain a few tweaks

When the domain owner just won’t give in, then you’re left with the option of waiting until the domain becomes available. But it may take you forever.

OR you can do some tweaking here and there. Find a way to make your ideal domain unique and catchy.

Consider these smart tricks:

Add a verb or keyword

Play around some power words that are relevant to your product or services.

Or add a verb or SEO keyword before your brand name. For example, instead of just saying fashionready.com, you can say getfashionready.com. Now that’s a more engaging way to say it!

Start listing down short and catchy verbs. Then see if they sound good with your ideal domain name.

Add your country abbreviation

Country abbreviations may only have two letters, but they give higher chances of domain availability.

Let’s say you’re a Philippine-based online retail company, you can say shoponlineph.com.

Use a slogan or brand tagline

Brand slogans are also great domain alternatives.

Think justdoit.com or gotmilk.com. They’re memorable and roll off the tongue quite easily!

But this trick may not apply to everyone, especially if you have a mouthful of a tagline. Remember, a good domain name is short and catchy.

3. Find alternative TLDs (top-level domains)

Don’t have plans to let go of your ideal domain name? No problem. Ditch the popular TLDs and find a different domain extension.

Instead of a .com, .net, or .co, you can use:

Niche-specific TLDs

Are you an artist? There’s .art, .design, .photography and .graphic domain TLDs for you.

If you offer legal services, consider getting a .lawyer or .attorney. And .music, .guitars, .band, .am, and .fm for anyone in the music industry.

Country code TLDs (ccTLDs)

ccTLDs are country-designated domains, such as .ph for the Philippines, .sg for Singapore, .id for Indonesia, etc.

They give you an SEO advantage boosting your local search ranking.

4. Hack that domain

Don’t give up on your ideal domain yet. You still might get your chance through domain hacking.

Domain hacking is the method of using domain extensions to completely spell out a word or phrase. It’s a clever and creative way to spell out your domain!

You might need the help of domain hack tools, such as DomainHack.Me and Domain Hacks, to spin the perfect domain name.

We’ve tried domain hacking some popular brands and got these unique results:

  • Shopee (www.shop.ee, www.shope.ee)
  • Youtube (www.youtu.be, www. youtub.ee)
  • Grab (www.gra.bb)
  • Jobstreet (www.jobstre.et, www.jobstree.tt)

But hey, don’t get too overwhelmed with the fun. Check whether the domain suggestion sounds right for you before giving it a go. And make sure the domain extension is not restricted or that anyone can register for it.


So what, if your ideal domain is taken? With these tricks we have in this article, you can start planning your next move.

You may not get the original domain that you want. But you’ll see things in a different angle and come up with a better and new domain. You need to exert some extra creativity though.


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