Why Hiring a Web Designer Is Best for Your Consulting Website

Why Hiring a Web Designer Is Best for Your Consulting Website

Ready to start an independent consultancy? Brace yourself.

A good website idea is not always enough to succeed online. You’ll need people that’ll turn that idea into reality — web designers.

They have the skill and expertise to create a functional, intuitive website — one that meets your specific demands and keeps your visitors hooked. If your website falls short, you end up losing views and potential clients.

If you haven’t hired one yet, these seven reasons should convince you to do so.

7 Reasons Why Hiring a Web Designer is Best for Your Consultancy

1. You get professional output

1. You get a professional output

Your website is a crucial client touchpoint. It gives your audience their first impression of your business — and you know what they say about first impressions.

Build a professional-looking website to gain client trust. And a web design team knows exactly how to keep it at par.

Web designers craft websites with their client in mind. They know which elements make your site more functional and which ones ruin it. They’re familiar with effective website templates that have high success rates for their clients.

Simply put, web designers know what works and what doesn’t — which brings us to the next item.

2. They know the trends

2. They know the trends

Website design trends change by the minute.

Just when you think a website should have multiple pages to gain traction, one-page websites become the rage. They’re straightforward and intuitive, which is a must for today’s decreasing attention spans.

Web designers update themselves with the latest trends. They keep themselves on the loop. Not only for modern design approaches but also for the newest technologies that make website-building more efficient.

3. You get custom design

3. You get custom web design

Before starting on a project, web designers put your vision first. After all, you know your business goals better than anyone.

With a web design service, all you need to do is get your big idea out there and they’ll spruce it up for the web.

Just make sure to fill out their creative brief as precisely as you can. If you’re looking to gather leads for your marketing consultancy, request to add in a contact form. If you’ve got products to sell — such as an ebook or an online course — include a shopping cart to your brief. Don’t miss anything out!

Download this sample creative brief you can give your web design team.

4. They check for responsiveness

4. They check for responsiveness

If your website isn’t built for mobile, you’re missing out A LOT online. Mobile has completely changed the way people use the web. In fact, a huge percentage of adults go online daily through mobile.

It’s safe to say responsiveness is a key factor every website owner should consider — even more if you’re selling your services online.

If you’re DIY-ing a website, you might need mad coding skills to make it fit all kinds of mobile devices — from desktop computers to smartphones of different dimensions. If you don’t get it right, you run the risk of breaking your website’s front-end beyond repair.

With a web designer, you’ll get not only a responsive website but also good user experience. And that’s just the right combo to engage leads and eventually turn them into conversions.

5. They comply with SEO

5. They comply with SEO

SEO and web design are not such far-off concepts. Many web design elements connect to how you publish web content — which means they also affect how search engines rank your website.

Some elements web designers consider include:

  • Mobile-friendliness – Google can plummet your rankings if they detect high bounce rates from your site due to an unresponsive design.
  • Easy-to-read content – Web designers keep site readability and accessibility top of mind to get on the good side of search engines.
  • Quick page-loading – Large images, unnecessary plugins, and disabled browser caching contribute poorly to page speed (which is a known Google ranking factor). Web designers know how to eliminate such errors.
  • Sitemap – Web designers create a sitemap to tell search engines which web pages to index and rank and which ones to skip.
    You need your website design to comply with SEO standards from the start. Or else it’ll take blood, sweat, and tears to make it to the top searches.
    Professional web designers know how to optimise your website for search engines by tweaking certain design elements.

6. They check consistency

6. They check consistency

Consistent branding across all platforms boosts revenue by up to 23%. And it’s no surprise. Consistency develops familiarity. Familiarity develops trust.

And web designers know just how to maintain consistency across your website.

If you run a branding consultancy, you know the importance of a style guide. It contains a brand’s typeface, colour scheme, tone, and format.

Web designers refer to it to cohere a website’s overall look. Most of all, it reminds visitors that they’re still looking at the same brand.

7. Your competitors do it

7. Your competitors do it

Here’s a no-brainer reason to hire a web designer: your competitors are already doing it.

You know you’re supposed to stand out from the competition, but you can’t stand out with an outdated, poorly designed website. Chances are that your competitors will be off entertaining leads and assigning projects while you’re still stuck designing your own website — and to no avail!

It’s hard to capture clients’ attention when they see the same products and services everywhere. So, flaunt your edge with a stunning website created and managed by pros.

Get ready to go pro

Unless you’re a kickass web designer yourself, there’s no reason for you not to hire pros to build and manage your site. Web design services, like SitebeatPRO, have a team of experts that’ll help put your vision to life and more. Grow your client list by launching a professional business website today.


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