4 Workplace Options for Running Your Small Business

4 Workplace Options for Setting Up Your Small Business Office

Hustlers who are starting out have a lot of workplace options. Because you’re not tied to a nine-to-five job, you’re free to choose the working spaces that match your habits and preferences.

Despite the wide range of options, its still essential to choose the best location to stay productive. Each choice has its own advantages and disadvantages that you’ll need to consider based on your business needs.

For one, the right location determines your productivity. A distraction-free location allows you to focus on addressing business concerns and inspires you to come up with new business ideas.
Your chosen work location must be cost-effective as well. If your work location allows you to work at a minimal expense, you could channel the money you save into other important resources for your business.

Here are great workplace options for your growing small business.

Workplace Options for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Home office

When building your own business from the ground up, you don’t necessarily have to look outside your own home.

A number of million-dollar companies started out of the garage of its founders. Steve Jobs launched Apple from his adopted parents’ garage. Jeff Bezos developed a website — which would later turn into Amazon — from his garage as well.

Having a home office is ideal for entrepreneurs who don’t have a budget to lease their own office space. Working from home also saves you the hassle of commuting to and from a traditional office. Also, without coworkers interrupting you, you can focus on your tasks and be productive.

However, you have to weigh these advantages from its drawbacks.

Working from home presents a ton of distractions, like attending to errands or slacking off by watching TV or sleeping on the couch. It’s also difficult to draw the line between home and work when both happen in one space. Being away from human contact creates feelings of isolation as well.

Coffee shops

When you want to shake up your routine at your home office, you may want to go to a coffee shop.

The sound of customers chatting and the strong aroma of brewed coffee may just be the change in pace that you need and help you become more productive.

But take note that there are establishments that frown upon coffee shop squatting. To prevent this, they have enforced rules requiring customers to buy something after an hour or two or limiting internet use. You also have to consider logistical problems as well as the risks of working in a public place.

Co-working spaces

For business owners looking to widen their social networks, a co-working space is a viable option.

Since you get to meet other entrepreneurs or freelancers, you may end up meeting your next investor, partner, or contractor while in a co-working space. Also, sharing a space with other people fosters the human interaction you may miss when working from home.

Coworking spaces usually offer amenities like WiFi, printers, office supplies, coffee, and the like. These facilities are known to charge for an hourly, daily, or monthly rate. Most spaces also have meeting rooms where you can pitch or discuss your business ideas.

Aside from that, there are some coworking spaces that hold community events for their patrons, like training sessions and social events.

However, coworking spaces are not for everyone.

Startups that are particular with trade secrets and confidential client information may not find a coworking space ideal. While its more affordable than renting office space, coworking spaces are also more expensive than working from home or from a coffee shop. You also have to take into consideration their opening hours and location.

Furnished office suites

Another option for small business owners is to rent a space in a furnished office suite.

There are office space providers that cater to individuals and small to large companies. These providers offer fully furnished office spaces equipped with IT services and shared resources. They can give you coverage within your locality or even across the world.

Because of its complete range of services, working in furnished offices is way more expensive than working at home, in coffee shops, or in co-working spaces. Most suites are also located in central business areas, which means each square meter of office space is calculated at prime real estate prices.

When your business has achieved considerable growth, this may be an option, but not so for ones without a huge amount of capital or revenue.

The bottom line

With the many options out there, the modern entrepreneur is not limited anymore to a traditional office space. Whatever your choice of working area, make sure to decide based on your preference, lifestyle, and needs.


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