Where to Find Free Images for Your Consultancy Website

7 Stock Photo Companies For Your Consultancy Website

The images you choose to place on your website serve a much greater purpose than just being a design.

When you have great images, they improve your SEO efforts. Those pictures can increase website visits, clicks, conversions and search engine ranking.

And the best part? You can find great images from several photo stock companies to use for free.

But if you don’t know where to look, we’ve made this list of sites you can choose from.

Where to Find Free Images for Your Consultancy Website


With a community of more than 157K photographers, Unsplash offers over a million high-quality images.

The popular online stock photo company adds hundreds of free pictures every day. Users can choose from up to 15 categories – ranging from nature to arts & culture.

But what makes Unsplash stand out from the rest on this list is its Collection’s sections. This section contains photos sorted out into specific—and creative— themes including:

  • Blurred motion
  • Slices of the sky
  • Home
  • Handheld devices
  • Minimalism

unsplash collections

Pixabay: The haven for designers

Pixabay is another well-known stock photo company best for businesses and marketers. Their website features corporate-themed photos that are free for commercial and noncommercial use. You can use them for your blogs, homepage, and about us page.

Pixabay also wins with web designers. They also offer hundreds of free vectors, illustrations and videos for designers to use in social media and website projects.

Gratisography for quirky things

If you’re looking for quirky photos that show off your brand personality – Gratisography is a great choice!

To avoid being labelled as “stocky” or generic, Gratisography strictly filters their submissions. They choose to accept only the most compelling and engaging photos out there.

Just look at the photos yourself:


Negative space for color combinations

The name itself makes you curious about the kind of images they offer, right?

Well, check out their website and notice that their high-resolution photos are to their corresponding hues.

This makes it a great place for your designers to carefully find and select images that blend with your colour palette.

Want to be more personal? Go for Canva

Canva is an Australian design platform where designers and marketers get to customise presentations, social media images, and other visual content.

One advantage of Canva? You’ll have full control. From the choice of font style, size, and template, Canva allows you to personalise images. Just sign in and upgrade your account along the way!

Burst for fitness images

If you’re an up and coming fitness consultant, Burst should have the perfect photos for you. Their photos also work for startups who are in the food, fashion, and coffee industries.

Burst is Shopify’s stock photo platform that offers its users royalty-free images. This means their high-quality photos are allowed for commercial and non-commercial use! You can use them in offline marketing campaigns, social media posts, and landing pages.

Reshot for uniqueness

This photo stock company has one of the most unique, extensive, and free photos available for different startups. Reshot is somewhat like a combination of Unsplash and Gratisography.

It has one of the largest stock photos on the web but makes sure that it doesn’t have that “stocky” feeling. Just by looking at their photos, you’ll notice how their images are a bit different from the others on the list.

If you’re still starting your online consultancy journey, rely on free stock photos. Once you have saved enough and look to do a revamp on your site, it’s time to invest in premium plans.

4 Awesome Stock Photo Companies

Shutterstock: It has everything

This might not be the first time you have heard its name. That’s because Shutterstock is an award-winning stock photo company.

They have up to 270 million materials spread across videos, images, and vectors for businesses to use and enjoy.

On top of that, you can customise your image and convert it into any visual content in a matter of minutes — personalising your website even more.

Their monthly plans will depend on the number of materials you will use. See their plans here.

IStock: Old but gold

iStock is one of the longest premium stock photo companies in the world. Founded in 1999, the company offers visitors with millions of royalty-free images, videos, music, and illustrations perfect for blogs, web pages, and social media posts.

One notable feature they have is their intuitive search function. Using any keyword—like food— you’ll find the best material in a manner of seconds and see if it’s used often.

Other features:

  • Available in other languages
  • Free weekly and monthly video clips and illustrations
  • Affordable premium subscriptions

Adobe Stock: You’re not only investing in images

Aside from the fact they’re a branch of the powerhouse brand, you’re promised high-quality materials (images, 3D, vectors illustrations, templates) free from watermarks.

With Adobe Stock, you are also investing in knowledge.

Users will receive a series of publications containing tips and strategies on how one can further optimise a site’s design with images.

They have different pricing plans each giving you the option to cancel risk-free within the first month.

Death to Stock...literally

Death to Stock belongs to a rare group of stock photo companies looking to sell authentic images.

Unlike some of the companies here, Death to Stock allows users to download as many photos as they want. Truly unlimited.

If you want your site to portray that genuine and human feeling to your clients, we recommend Death to Stock. See it for yourself here.

With regards to their membership plans, it’s incredibly affordable.

  • Startups (SMEs, Social media Managers) – $12/ a month
  • Freelancers – $21/ a month
  • Business Partners – $399/ annually

On a final note…

If you just know where to look, you’ll eventually find the perfect images for your site. And you can start looking for them in website builders.

Often, website builders provide high-quality images that are distinctive, captivating, and completely free. Sign up now!


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