5 Last-Minute Ideas to Promote Your Small Business on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a season for love — it’s also a season for more revenue.

According to the 2017 Mastercard’s Consumer Purchasing Priorities survey, shoppers across the Asia Pacific spend an average of 133 USD on gifts for their loved ones.

With higher consumer spending, the Valentine season is a perfect opportunity for your business to push your products and services. But how do you do that — especially in this short amount of time?

Don’t fret. We got you!

Boost Your Revenue This Valentine’s Day With These 6 Marketing Ideas

gift guide

Loads of people look for gifts for their partners at the last minute. So help them out by creating a gift guide.

Look at what you offer and decide which would make good Valentine’s Day gifts. You don’t have to go for something catered to couples alone. Be creative and consider different markets — those that have pets, those that want to give gifts to their friends, those that want to thank their parents, and many more. This is a time to celebrate love in all forms, after all.

Curate your selected items and feature them on your website. Create a catalogue and share it on social media or blog if you have one. Make sure to link your items back to your online shop so your customers know where to get them.

gift ideas

If your online store has sorting filters, add a Valentine’s Day label and tag your items with it. This way, visitors can easily view your items in one place. If you have a physical store, set up a section inside featuring your selected items so customers can still shop for gifts in one place.

Make shopping for gifts easy for your customers.

Decorate your store

Nothing screams “Love is in the air” louder than Valentine’s Day decor — so fill up your store with decorations fitting for the season of love.

For online stores, beautify your site with Valentine-themed elements:

  • Start by changing your social media display images into something that celebrates the season. Canva offers a design tool where you can create social media graphics — Facebook and Twitter covers, Pinterest graphics, Instagram posts, and many others. Make sure your brand still stands out in creating your images so you’re still recognizable.
  • Write a catchy call-to-action (CTA) to entice visitors to shop. Craft a witty Valentine’s Day greeting, or introduce your visitors to your gift guide. Place that CTA in your social media posts, and add it to your homepage as the first thing visitors see.
  • If your website has a homepage slider, create a Valentine’s Day banner and add it as a slider image. Display a Valentine’s Day greeting for your customers, or feature the design for your Valentine’s Day gift guide.
  • Modify your brand logo into a Valentine-themed one. It’s a simple step, but with enough creativity, it will draw attention from potential customers.

If you have a physical store, adorn your entrance with eye-catching designs to attract people to your shop. Remember your gift guide? Build a section inside your store featuring your gift guide items.

Whether your store is based online or on a physical location, filling it with the spirit of Valentine’s Day improves your customer’s buying experience.

Give your customers Valentine's Day cards

As mentioned, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love in all forms, and that includes your love for your customers. Use this as a chance to express your appreciation through Valentine’s Day cards.

Send out virtual cards by crafting a simple email and sending it to your customer email list. Write a simple but meaningful message thanking them of their patronage, then add eye-catching designs. Show off your brand personality with creative messages!

Personalise your Valentine messages by giving out actual cards. Attach them onto your products to bring a smile to your customers.

This is sure to make your customers feel special — and on Valentine’s Day, it’s all about making everyone feel special.

Organize a quick social media campaign

Marketing in social media is, of course, a no-brainer. But since you only have a short time to prepare, go for a social media campaign that’s easy to execute.

Don’t underestimate the power of a no-fuss campaign! When done right, it will hold as much power to elevate your online presence as the more elaborate ones.

Here are some ideas:

  • Let your customers take a selfie in front of your Valentine-decorated store and post it on social media tagging your business. The one (or ones) with the best post (or posts) earns a prize from you, may it be discount coupons or a special Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Ask your audience about their best Valentine’s Day stories. Go for the traditional love story, or take an alternate route and go for things like lessons learned from breakups, stories of how their parents or grandparents met, or funny anecdotes about terrible dates. Like the first option, let them post these stories on social media and tag your business, and then award the best ones.
  • Launch an online giveaway of your products, especially those that are perfect as Valentine’s Day gifts. Let your audience like and share your post, and draw a raffle among them for who gets the prize. For good measure, make them follow your social media pages as a plus requirement.

Don’t forget to create a hashtag for your audience to use. This will keep all of the campaign content in one place, making it easier to measure and faster to trend.

Publish Valentine ads

Last but not least, promote your business this Valentine’s Day by publishing online ads.

Social media ads such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a perfect example. Be sure to target the part of your audience that is most likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which is easier with prior market research.

Consider these ideas for your social media ads:

  • Feature your products or services. Be straight to the point and present them as they are, or get crafty and show something more — like your gift guide!
  • Layout a simple Valentine’s Day greeting card that appeals to viewers’ attention.
  • Boost your Valentine’s Day social media campaign (see Item 4) to expand your audience.

To advertise your Valentine’s content, it’s worth checking out Google Ads. Look for search keywords that are related to the season using Google’s Keyword Planner.

Use these keywords in building your ad. This is a reliable way to land your website on the top page when users search for Valentine’s Day ideas.

Spread the Love, Spread Your Business

Alongside Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated occasions around the world. Don’t let this opportunity to market your business go to waste.

Share the love through these last-minute marketing ideas, and we promise you — your love will not go unrequited. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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