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6 Big Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020 (+ 3 That Need to Go)

2020 is coming. And a new year means new website trends.

Following trends is the best way to keep up with the ever-changing customer landscape.

So it’s time to tweak your website and give it a timely look.

Keep reading to discover what’s in and what’s out for web design in 2020.

What’s In and Out for Web Design in 2020


Image sliders (or carousels) give your website an extra wow factor. They’re great for storytelling and fit more content in a single space.

Unfortunately, sliders don’t work well when viewed on mobile. And with only 1% of visitors looking past the first slide, they’re not worth the effort.

Sliders also take time to load which can be very frustrating to visitors.

What’s in: Header videos

Keeping your visitor’s attention is a challenge for many websites. So instead of static, hum-drum slides — go for an engaging video.

Videos are a growing website trend. So expect them to be the go-to design for 2020 and beyond.

You don’t need to overdo your videos with grand animations. This will only make them distracting and not to mention, it’ll cost a lot.

Think modern and minimalistic. Try linear movements, empty space, bigger fonts, etc.

Demand even more attention with a background video. Check out how Harry Potter Wizards Unite did it for their website:

Background videos set the tone for your website and introduce your brand in an interesting way.

You can add and customise videos to your Sitebeat website using the Video Feature. It’s a great alternative for oversized hero images and sliders.

What’s out: Stale, overused stock images

No one’s saying that stock images are a dying trend. They’re actually perfect for anyone on a limited budget. And there’s always a wide catalogue of stock photos to choose from.

But please, and we say this in the most polite way, choose your images wisely.

You know what we mean. How many times have you cringed at the sight of a random guy giving a thumbs up? Or collectively said “I’ve seen her before” to this lady right here?

Stale, staged, and overused stock photos won’t do your brand any good. Instead, go for relevant, up-to-date images.

To track where your images appear online, use TinEye. You simply upload a photo, and it’ll generate a list of websites your photo is being used on.

What’s in: Flat graphics

Minimalist designs are all the rage offline and online. And nothing spells minimalist more than flat graphics.

Flat graphics highlight elements like bold colours, shadows and gradient effects to draw users in. Big brands like Apple and Microsoft have adapted the trend for years, and it shows no sign of stopping.

Play up flat graphics with realism. This creates a 3D effect and a futuristic touch to your website.

What’s out: Regular Sans Serif

San serif fonts are the most-used fonts for digital typography. This is because they’re readable and versatile. They also look good with different colours and backgrounds.

But like the trends on this list, sans serif is evolving. Nowadays, it’s all about bolder, louder texts and you guessed it — minimal design.

What’s in: Bold Typography

Simple but compelling visuals with bold text: this powerful combo draws all the right attention.

As shared above, Sans Serif is going through a makeover. And your website can adapt by using large, bold fonts to convey your brand message.

You can also stir some drama with a single word text in bold letters. Or if you’re feeling frisky, add a pop of colour to really bring the eyes over to your text.

Check out how Libratone does it for their website:


Let’s Recap: Keep these other trends going for 2020:

Modern minimalist design

Minimalism is gaining more and more popularity. It’s keeping up very well with the demand for user-friendly web design.

Minimalistic design simply tells three things — more white space, fewer colours and is straightforward. It gives your website a refined and professional look.

Adaptive design/Mobile first

The world’s gone mobile, and so should your website.

Mobile-first designs are more than a trend. It’s likely here to stay — forever (unless, you know we trade our mobile photos for floating digital screens).

A mobile-first helps you tap into a huge market. Fortunately, there’s no heavy coding involved. Most website builders are mobile-ready, meaning your website automatically adjusts to different screens.

Custom images

Invest in original illustrations that best convey your brand message. You can use it for your logo and other website graphics.

Sure, custom images mean additional cost. You need an expert artist to create graphic images from scratch. Or you can shoot photos, then customise them using free image-enhancing tools.

There you have it!

2020 is going to be a great year for web design! With advances in graphics, colours, and typography — it sure looks like you’ll be having a ton of fun redesigning your website.

Remember to embrace news trends while keeping your brand in mind. Some of it may not conform with your brand message.

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