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Let Your Website Scream ‘L-O-V-E’ on Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s Day, which we all know falls on February 14, is an opportunity to boost website traffic, attract new clients and increase profits for your business.

Whatever be the nature of your online business or website, you can leverage Valentine’s Day to wish your followers and clients well. It’s also an awesome time to show your appreciation to your customers and community.

What Can You Do to Show Love on Your Site?

Besides deciding on marketing tactics, like a special V-Day sale or promo, you need to set your website’s ‘mood’.

For example, you can tweak the design by changing your website backdrop or adding Valentine’s Day icons.  You can easily do this with a website builder — a tool that comes in handy when you’re doing last-minute website customisation. All you need to do is drag and drop text, images, and additional sections to your website, and you’ve got a custom page in seconds! When the season’s over, you can always revert your website back to its original design.

Simple, right?

Now let’s get to it, here are 8 quick ways you can design your website for this season of love.

Website Decorating Tips for Valentine’s Day

Go for a Valentine’s Day background: Patterns in pink, with hearts and flowers; something bright and colourful or maybe an image that’s subtle and chic — your options are endless! Website builders like Sitebeat have a repository of images that are free to use, so you should have no problem finding one for your site. You can also check online for free stock images or upload photos you’ve taken yourself.

love website design

Have a V-Day special video as your header: Do you have a special video for the occasion? Or maybe you have a special slogan you want to share on Valentine’s Day? You can add it as your header to instantly brighten up your website. You can also choose to use a ready-made video from one of the sites’ video banks – or embed one yourself (just make sure you don’t get in trouble for copyright!)

Create your own hero image: A hero image is the first thing that your site visitor sees. So, how about creating a special hero image? You can add one or more images to give your website a special Valentine’s Day look and feel – all you need to do is select the image and drag them to the header section. Make sure to click Preview to check how it looks. You can try out various options until you get the perfect look for your website.

adding a hero image

Have a Valentine’s Day-themed top-line image:  This is the image behind or just across the header – the first thing that people see when they open your site. Jazz it up with any freebies, or with a simple message just for the day. Emblazon special offers if you have any, and make sure it looks bright and bold.

valentines day headline

Graphics and wishes: You can include festive graphics that pop up and contain a warm message – like ‘This one’s for love’ or a simple ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ for your website visitors. If you check online, you won’t have trouble finding customisable, free-to-download graphics you can use for your site.

Add cute somethings to your website: It could be a burst of hearts floating away every now and then, a ribbon decorating your letterhead or a digital heart bursting “Open with Love?” Get this on your website with a simple click and drag of the mouse.


The song of love: Imagine a soft romantic song playing in the background whenever a customer logs into your website! Yes, you can do it by taking the help of a site builder. It’s a special Valentine’s Day treat for your clients and customers.

Click here to learn how you can embed audio on your Sitebeat website!

Customise giveaways, icons: In 2018, Tiffany’s came up with this ‘gift’ idea for their online eCommerce site – their marketing campaign, ‘The Tiffany Tattoo Shop’ allowed customers to select a ‘tattoo’ that could be used as a personalised sticker on their Instagram posts by hashtagging it #BelieveInLove. You can also get creative and do something like this using a website builder’s expertise. Again, they would have already deconstructed it into a simple click of a mouse for you.

valentine giveaways

So, how did you like the ideas? Which one do you plan to use? These are little somethings that can help keep your band happening this Valentine’s Day. All it takes is half-an-hour of your time, but it will be a memorable experience for  and drive business, too. As they say, love conquers all!

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