Does Your Side Hustle Need a Website

Does Your Side Hustle Really Need a Website?

As a freelancer, you may be having second thoughts about having your own website:

“I don’t know how to code…”
“A website requires so much cost and maintenance…”
“I can just register on freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr, anyway…”

Here’s the thing: freelancers are on the rise. The freelance population is expected to make up 50% of the total workforce by 2020 — and that’s in the US alone.

With a larger pool of workers, setting yourself apart becomes more challenging. You must leave a blazing trail whenever you make an impression. Competitive edge is everything.

Also, creating a website has become easier than ever. Website builders now exist, giving you the ability to create a website without learning how to code at all.

Need more convincing? Here are more reasons for you to create your own website to jumpstart your freelance career.

Yes, Your Side Hustle Needs a Website for These 7 Reasons

A website gives your side hustle a brand identity

What makes you unique? To make a lasting impression, focus on what separates you from the rest: personality.

Here’s how you can communicate your personal brand through a website:

  • Show it in your layout. Are you a loud and creative person? Choose bold and striking colours together with a dynamic layout. Are you straightforward, no-nonsense elite freelancer? A minimalist theme with an elegant flow might just be for you.
  • Create a custom logo and become a professional entity.
  • Decide on a creative title that will grab your clients’ and viewers’ attention. You can use something as simple as your name, or something more creative.
  • Get your own domain address. Use your title so that it becomes more memorable for your audience.

It establishes credibility

How do you convince a client that you’re capable of fulfilling the job? A well-maintained, fully-functional website is enough proof that you get things done — and you can do a great job doing it!

Having a website gives clients the impression that you’re invested in your side hustle. It makes you more trustworthy as a professional.

Want to prove that you are a diligent writer? Show them a website where you blog frequently. Need to convince clients of your creative powers? Stun them with an out-of-this-world design interface.

It provides a platform to build and showcase your portfolio

Through your website, you can highlight your achievements and showcase your best body of work.

Presenting a portfolio website to your potential clients can do so much more compared to just sending them a PDF through email. You can personalise your presentation for it to reflect your brand, and your potential clients can interact with your work and share them with others.

You attract both local and global clientele

As much as 78% of online searches turn into purchases. Do you know how many Google searches are conducted in a day? The number reaches billions.

Expose your business to a larger pool of audience. With a website, you can rely on search engines to index your content and show them to various audiences.

Potential clients from all over the world, anytime, can find you and learn about what you offer — if you have a website that they can discover.

You're open for communication 24/7

Creating a website paves a way towards lasting relationships that will help solidify your professional network.

Maintain a following by encouraging visitors to subscribe to your blog or newsletter. Link your website to your social media accounts and build connections.

Feedback and discussion are some of the things that you can also ask for on your website. Just make sure you properly manage the content that you show.

It's an opportunity for extra income

Joining freelance marketplaces usually involves extra charges. Some take a commission fee out of your income, and others ask for pro-membership fees for full access to their features.

Getting clients via your own website avoids these marketplace charges. You get to keep more of your earnings!

Earn even more money through your website via separate gigs besides selling your valuable skills. Choose from affiliate marketing, selling ad space, to selling digital products and merchandise.

You have full ownership of your website

Relying on other platforms like freelance marketplaces and social media alone restricts you to certain limitations. For one, they can limit your visibility to potential clients because of algorithms they’ve set up. Also, they can shut down at any time, which may render your work gone for good.

With a website, you don’t have to worry about all that. From making yourself more visible through SEO and other marketing strategies to keeping your work intact, all of that is in your hands.


A website is a must-have investment for freelancers. With your time, patience, and commitment, the rewards and opportunities that you can get out of it are endless.

Side hustling is no easy task. But as long as you have the right foundations established, your career will flow smoothly.


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